For twenty-three years I promoted the careers of emerging artists at my art gallery in Portland.  After retiring from the Photographic Image I returned to my passion as a writer.  My go-to place has always been the Central Oregon desert, its people, places, and history. 

Now I'm here to tell some of it's stories.

     Finding Hope

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, cattlemen, farmers and sheepherders found their promised land in Central Oregon. There was plenty of rain, free land to homestead, open range land, and plenty of graze for their stock. 

For a brief two decades mother nature brought together all the elements of a thriving community, and then took it away.

Finding Hope is the true story of Hope Nance.  It is The story of a young girl pushed by the circumstance of her mother's early death to find her way to womanhood. Her only guide was the memory a mother she barely remembered.

Publishing in 2019  You can read a sample chapter here.

     Life on the Dry Side


Essays about Central Oregon

Culture, Curiosity and Character
about the Oregon East of the Cascade Mountian Range

     Jefferson County Historical Society

  The history of the West written in it's ghost towns. Some get resurrected as  romantic memorials, theme parks to the good old days. Some are preserved as Western museums, with buildings frozen in time.

And then, some are just ghosts, returning their buildings to the land and only living on in stories. You can read one of those stories Here.

    Mustangs, Moonshine, and Sourdough Biscuits

     There's a story behind every screen door

As I interviewed some of the Old-Timiers of Central Oregon, I found I was getting more information than I could fit into my first book.  This book "Mustangs, Moonshine, and Sourdough Biscuits" progresses, I will share some of the essays with you, and announce its release when I get a publish date.

    All About Harry
      A Man of His Time

Some people are born a century too early, and some a century too late.  Harry was born at exactly the right time, a Man of His Time.  He began his working life at the dawn of the twentieth century and by his eleventh birthday was an independent teamster, delivering supplies across the Central Oregon desert over rutted roads to towns that no longer exist.

Harry was a cattle man, a fur trapper, a bootlegger, and did time in prison.  He was a wrangler, bronco buster and as handy with a rifle or double-bit ax as any man.  During the war he was a welder in the ship yards, and in the 1950's finally as a cattle rancher in British Columbia.

Still in the research phase, will keep you posted.



     The Cove Palisades Diaries

I have been going to Lake Billy Chinook since it was created in 1965.  Five years ago I began writing stories of for the property association newsletter of the Three Rivers Recreation Area.


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