Life on the Dry Side

Culture, Curiosity and Character
about the Oregon East of the Cascade Mountian Range

For forty years now, Central Oregon has been my "Go-To" place to unwind. 

Oregon is blessed with three geographies, the Coast, the Willamette Valley, and those wide-open spaces East of the Cascades. 

The East of Oregon is, by far, the largest part of the state, and is home to  arts, culture, and character that ranges from the Cosmopolitan to the Country Folk.

Coming Soon, I hope you enjoy it and find places you never knew in Oregon

Dufur, Oregon

Originally called Fifteenmile Crossing, the town was founded in 1878  was named for the DuFour family, who emigrated from France and settled in Wasco County in 1872.

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Joni Kabana



I had not seen Joni since she purchased a cabin east of the Cascades but followed her postings and realized was time for a visit and catch-up.

The journey from Prineville, across the nearly mile-high summit of the Ochoco mountain range was really, as the roadsign says, a Travel Through Time.

Every so often the ribbon of highway takes a break from hugging a mountian and unwinds to dash across a valley floor, only to climb another formation of the craggy hills. The free-flowing John Day River seems to knit all that geography into a tapestry.  Read More

We begin the Journey at Klindt's Bookstore

I decided to begin my journey through Central Orego in the Dalles, along the Columbia River.  In the 1840s it was as a key trading post for American settlers arriving in their covered wagons heading to the Oregon Territory.

Finishing breakfast at a landmark saloon, I spotted a sidewalk sign across the street that proclaimed it to be Oregon's oldest bookstore.

It was early in day, they had just opened and when I entered the manager, Karen Rempel, was there to greet me.  "Mr. Nickerson opened this store in 1870, and it's still in the family" she told me. "Would you like to hear the story?"

Great place to begin our journey, I thought to myself.

Bend isn't just a cow-town....... any more

I hadn't been to Bend for a few years, so last August I deceded to visit some old friends and check out the Art in the High Desert festival that was taking place in the Old Mill District.

And while I was at it, I also checked out Art in the High Desert, The Maker's District, the 13th Bend Film Festival, The Gallery Walk, an authors reading with Jane Kirkpatrick, and Baldy's BBCue.

Why You Should Land in Portland and Then Visit Central and Northeast Oregon Instead

from Vogue Magazine

My Visit to Camp Caldera

For a couple of years now I have wanted to learn more about Camp Caldera, and this summer provided a chance to visit during Eclipse Month in Central Oregon.   Caldera received a National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award as one of the top youth arts programs in the nation.

Travel with me on this visit to Caldera.