Artist Biographies

Our Artist Biographies contains snapshots and biography information on the artists we have represented over the years at the gallery.
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Hart, Tracy
Tracy Anne Hart was born in Elgin, Illinois in 1957. Her family moved to Houston, Texas in 1969. S.. more
Hiser, Cherie
Cherie Hiser

Career Summary

Cherie Hiser began her study of photography after .. more
Hunter, Anne-Marie
Hunter photographs primarily in black and white, pursuing long term projects including documenting t.. more
Iwai, Keiji
Keiji Iwai was born and raised in Osaka, Japan. He began taking photographs at 13 and knew immediate.. more
Johnston, Mary Alice
Born (1921) in Iron Mountain, Michigan, Mary Alice first encountered a camera and a darkroom while s.. more
Kabana, Joni
Joni Kabana has been photographing people since she was 8 years old and made her cousins dress up as.. more
Knight, Robert
Robert Knight - BIOGRAPHY
by Troy J. Augusto

Noted photographer Robert Knight .. more
Kosoff, Brian
At 16, Kosoff started by assisting for a number of hot-shot New York photographers, and “After ass.. more
Landy, Elliott
classic rock photographs.
Levy, Stu
Black and White photographs
Levy, Stu-Grid Portraits


I went to London in late November and early December 2011 to make a Grid-Portrait of Michael Wilson. After a 10 year on-and-off conversation, I was able to find a time to photograph him during the filming of a James Bond film (Michael is the co-producer, along with his sister Barbara Broccoli).

Nagler, Monte
Black and White photographs

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